BTG CHINA always pursue customers’ satisfaction as our survival philosophy and ultimate targets…

What behind the logistic are demand identifying and industry cognition…

Our clients stand at the focal point of our thoughts and actions.
It is our aim to not only fulfil their expectations, but to exceed them.

Our clients set the standard for our quality. The basis of all our activities is quality. Our motivation is to continuously optimize our services. We are certified as NOVCC and are certified in quality-standards of ISO ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 14001: 2015.

Thanks to their outstanding performance, our qualified and experienced employees have earned the utmost trust from our clients and business partners all around the world.
Trust and absolute reliability always was and still is our key to success.

Our exhibition logistics services are dependent on our employees – they are exhibition logistics.
We want our employees to be able to look at BTG with pride and satisfaction, because only through their commitment and the right bond to our company, can economic success be ensured in the long term.

As a sponsor of the “Bunte Kreis”, BTG is involved in a social sector, where its staff can easily identify with the planned objectives and can be proud of BTG as a company which demonstrates responsibility and social awareness.

Environmental responsibility has a high priority in BTG’s corporate philosophy.  BTG strives to continuously make improvements in terms of energy efficiency and careful use of resources. We are certified in ISO 14001: 2015.